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Who am I?

Personality type: INFP

Star sign: Cancer

Date of birth: 14 July 1997 

Where I’m from? South Africa. 

I have so much more to say… 


It doesn’t matter; everyday is an opportunity to redesign myself

What do I want to become one day?

I want to be someone who can make a difference in this neurotic world. 

Which career do I desire to pursue? 

Oh, my dear darlings, Journalism

Through this seducing field, I could inform society on injustices and corruption. If there is a need in the community, I would find a way to fill it. 

This is me. Hi. Welcome. 


Surprise, Bitch — I Bet You Thought You’d Seen The Last Of Me ;)

I’ve had feelings for a Leo half of my life. I am 21. 

Just sharing.
I am not dead.
I am doing okay again.

Or perhaps just better at hiding it. 

I am back tho.

And Still obsessed with Ryan Reynolds.
My work shedule is  pretty simple, don’t you dare ask to hang out, I’m either working or sleeping. Be considerate!

This week we are facing I work from 1pm to like prime time, there’s no standard time, but on average I lock up between 19:30 and 20:15. I am working double shifts this entire weekend  (7am to pm) and next week I work from 7am to 2pm. And every second weekend I have off.

Just an update…

I’ll send this to all 2 of my friends 😂
Yes I am a last minute person, but people have always let me down in my past with cancelling plans it’s the only thing I have going on.

I’ll do my best to post more(:

I Can’t Cope. 

What have I become.
I’ve hit really low notes in depression. My anxiety ain’t helping much now that I’m a barlady.
I don’t wanna talk about it.
But here I am, had sex like 20 minutes ago and begged him not to go. 

I am so weak.

I smoke to cope. 

I just downed a pain pill with a beer. I don’t care about my life anymore. 
Whatever happens, happens.

Nothing is worth it anymore 
I give up
I don’t have money for therapy right now.

I need to take care of my fucked up knee first. It’s killing me.

God please help me learn how to live. Help me learn to know when a man is manipulating my feelings.

Help me not depend on sex. God? Can you hear me??? 

I think you’ve went deaf.

Do you watch while my sisters get raped? God you have power to intervene… and you don’t. I can’t believe in something like that. Who are you even.

G-Eazy And Halsey Broke up. Just saying.

Apparently Him And I lovers G-Eazy and Halsey broke up.  They were so hot. Dammit!

He had a thing with my favourite singer, Lana del Rey, and left her ‘via email’ (possibly, according to one of his recent tracks😂 I can’t😂 you savage) and just cruised to Halsey hey. 

Their break up hurts more than my own. 

Let that just sink in. 

Now both my babes are heartbroken (Lana and Halsey) 

But it’s fine I am heartbroken too.

And heartbreak is our religion.

Meet The Young Rapper Who Has Authenticity And Change Running In His Veins. 

​Surrounded by broken mirrors. Can’t see clearly whether you’re a loser or a winner. But deep down you can be an influential leader, angelic face with a pure heart – but you’re still a sinner. 

(Information at the end of the post)

It has come to my attention that there is a young and aspiring hip hop artist on the loose. He is 22.
And if you don’t know him, there is no more excuse.

Let’s welcome the talent: 
Can’t change the past but I know we can have a better future. Missing person in the puzzle, complete it together… Your child is the future and you’re the goal setter. In cloudy days you’ll be the light and change the weather. 

*info at the bottom of the page*

He is from Port Elizabeth, his name is Nkosomzi Damana, and he is known as J-Ryder by his peers and fans. He was born on 27th of May 1996, making him a Gemini. 
His manager (Luzuko Mehlwana) describes him as, “a talented and gifted artist” and this is absolutely correct.

2018 marks his final year in uni studying Human Resource Management, at Nelson Mandela University. He explains choosing this path makes him feel like he can “change the world, by learning the different behaviours of people in organisations and learning how to handle employees in a working environment.”

Yes, he is not just a music enthusiast. He’s a business man too.

He believes rap and Human Resources can, without a doubt, change the world. I truly empathise. The rap industry is booming.

Absent fathers made you strong without realising… Those sleepless nights when the child was busy teething. No support from the father how heart breaking, ran away from the situation. Broke his promises.

*info at the bottom of page*
The rapper explains why he had decided to label himself as J-Ryder, as according to his bio:
“I came up with the name because it represents my personal attributes as a person. Which is:





He has faith that he was born to rule. What can be inspiring to young peers who have dreams, but don’t have the support structure, is too keep chasing and hustling – don’t doubt yourself and never ever give up. Don’t you dare. Because — people in the past did not believe in this young man. And yet he never gave up believing in the personal faith and power he had in himself, and his full potential. And here he is today. 
There is a quote, he believes, that describes his thinking better than his words ever could: “Nothing comes to your sleep but your dreams, nothing worth having comes easy as it seems.” 
Let’s tone it down.
Q & A style.
1. Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
I see myself prospering in Network and Marketing. I see myself being a public figure and I will be The person that will put P.E on the atlas. 

2. Why are rappers important?

3. Who are the top 3 rappers you look up to?
Ace Hood, Kwesta and Kanye West (even though I don’t listen to his music.)
You call yourself a man but you don’t even know how to take care of your kids. You busy up in the club turning up while I’m home taking care of our kids. And you’re spending all your money on girls. With no care in the world. You think you’re cool but you’re looking like a fool. Don’t do what was done to you. You better step up to the plate. And Be a man. I want you to be a part of his life. His life. His life. I want you to be a part of his life.

(Chorus sang by: Honey)
*** lyric excerpts from:

He is a proud father himself.

Here is one of his fans having high hopes for the lad, and I agree. Let’s support local artists. 🔥🔥🔥

Follow him on twitter.

Follow him on instagram.
Follow him everywhere! But when you get arrested, don’t sue! 

Follow me on twitter: @cadesia_debruin 

If you’re a local/international uprising rapper, or artist, email me cadesiadebruyn@gmail.com 

I’d love to write about you. 

About To Make Coffee at 1:41 a.m. — Someone Call Me, Anyone.

When I am talking to myself and being goofy at 2 p.m — is that the real me?
Or when it hits late midnight til 5 a.m, and I am sad and feeling worthless and lonely and angry… Is that who I really am?

They say your body is the weakest between 3 and 4 am, but I am my weakest after midnight. And it ends when I sleep. And I never do, that’s the problem.

I am not okay.

Can anyone hear me?

It’s 1:30 a.m — Are You Up Too? 

When your alarm goes off do you think of me? 

When you forget about the geyser, or the water starts running cold and you’re still busy with shampoo in your hair, do you think of me?

When flirting with someone or catching up with pornhub, do you think of me? 

I remember the crazy shit we’ve done. I don’t know if you catch up with my blog, I mean you downloaded the app just to read my rants – and I think that’s beautiful.

Did you miss me so much that you ended up deleting the app? 

Did you hear about Liza Koshy and David Dobrik’s break up? What a coincidence huh?

You made me happy. You really did. And I’m crying right now but it’s not because of you.

I miss you, but not in that way.

I think of you, but not in that way.

Do people ever ask you about me? Do you finally notice when girls check you out? Is your heart mended from the mess I caused? You know I am sorry.

I wish I could just have one last coffee with you again. You have such beautiful eyes. I really hope you’re doing well. I deleted your number but never cleared chat – you’re in my archives. But don’t worry. I’ve been staying away from liquor – so you won’t get a drunk call or text.

I was just wondering if you think of me. 

And what would happen if I was in town? Would it make a difference?

Do you even know how hard it was to even just accept the fact that you left me? I was hurting. And I know I hurt you even more. I fell into depression, you have no idea… babe. I miss calling you that.

I just gave up on life and my dreams for like three months. I’ve had insomnia ever since you left me. I sleep at 4 am always. It’s an endless cycle… maybe ’cause you dumped me at 4 am.

I can’t wait for the day where I think of you… and I don’t feel a fucking thing.

Don’t Show My Mom. 

What’s your weakness? We all have something. 

You wanna know mine? It’s not alcohol.

It’s sex and pain killers. I am such a cliché. 

I tried cigarettes.

It makes me chillax.

My ex? He don’t even matter no more.

I just wanna get away from my parents, I don’t even have to leave this god forbidden town, but I just wanna be on my own.

God, I forgot how draining life actually is. 

I was so happy and not lonely at all last year.

What made me sad in the past year? Sansa Stark getting raped. That’s what.

 Now… my feelings… they’re too much. Even game of thrones is intimidated.