Aspiring Journalist

This is the post excerpt.

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Who am I?

Personality type: INFP

Star sign: Cancer

Date of birth: 14 July 1997 

Where I’m from? South Africa. 

I have so much more to say… 


It doesn’t matter; everyday is an opportunity to redesign myself

What do I want to become one day?

I want to be someone who can make a difference in this neurotic world. 

Which career do I desire to pursue? 

Oh, my dear darlings, Journalism

Through this seducing field, I could inform society on injustices and corruption. If there is a need in the community, I would find a way to fill it. 

This is me. Hi. Welcome. 


Day 9: Top 10 People Who Have Influenced Me #30DayBlogChallenge 

Dead and alive. 

1. My aunt, Valencia, I have always liked her view on things in this world. She pushes me to work harder. She’s silly, which motivates me to always be myself and not care what people think. So thanks. 

2. My dear mother. She is so strong, she preserves and persists. And she’s been through hell. She’s always so optimistic, which truly inspires me. 
3. Lilly Singh. She is so empowering. She honestly motivates me to work while others are clubbing; work while others are relaxing and work while others are simply just praying. And while others are flexing their arms, she has inspired me to flex my life. Because her hussle has gains. 

4. Trevor Noah – his satire makes me laugh; but also makes me think. He inspires me to have my own opinion and not be influenced through other “opinions”. Also, because, he went from stand up comedian in South Africa to Talkshow Host in America. His hussle has gains too. And I am honestly on awe. Plus, I adore him.

5. Anne Frank – her diary makes me realise my life isn’t as bad as I think it is. She had a terrible life. She was trapped in a room. Just looking outside her window could get her and her family killed. Her youth was taken away. And by being a jew there was a high chance of her getting gassed. 

6. My standard 9 and 10 English teacher – a lot of her opinions have influenced me – till today. 

7. My high school business teacher – he should have been a motivational speaker. Because man oh man, just his presence had an effect on me. I miss him so much. 

8. Liza Koshy – she has made grocery shopping very fun for me. She is actually inspiring me to start a YouTube channel everyday. I’m not going to though. I won’t have time for myself anymore, not because of YouTube but because of my current lifestyle.

9. My boyfriend. How has he influenced me? He is my boyfriend, how can he not influence me?

10. I have influenced myself: through my thoughts. 

Day 8: My Top 5 Passions #30DayBlogChallenge 

1. Writing – “I love writing because it is the only time I get to do the talking.” Clare Angelica 

As a natural shy human being, and I mean very shy, writing is my way of talking

You know that saying: “eat to live; not live to eat”? Well, here is my own saying dedicated to my dearest passion:

I live to write; I write to live. 

Writing is by faaaar the best antidote when it comes to moping, ranting and raging. Tired of writing? Me? Never. Writing changes my mood, bro. Depressed? Angry? PMS? Oh, that stands for Pissed (at) My Social (life) – because I have no social life. Don’t worry. Start writing. That’s what I tell myself, because I am over wine now and that makes me sad. Anyway, writing is my way of ‘drinking wine’ I do it when I like it and you can’t stop me. 

2. Reading – if she likes writing, it is safe to assume she likes reading too. I love reading so much. It helps me escape time


Irritating , constant

Movement of 



I could start reading at 3pm because I am bored out of my mind, and boom lift my head and the sun has set and everybody is sleeping – and there’s someone scratching in the fridge for a midnight snack, it could be a demon but I wouldn’t know, I’m not stupid enough to go look though. I am going to flip the page and deal with the author’s demons instead. Shout out to you ‘Elbie Lötter’ !

3. Music. I have discovered that if I go without music for just 2 days… I get excessively angry or overly sad or hey, BOTH:

B ored

O utta

T his

H avoc mind.

Yet, I hear music every single day: on the radio in the car on my way to class, and back. However, I am referring to a dosage of My Music. Otherwise it’s depression hour instead of happy hour. I am obsessed with my music taste, it deserves a round of a pause-it-and-I-will-murder-you. My taste can go from Ed Sheeran to Bea Miller to local South African House Music and it can bouce to Big Sean and then to Liquiddeep and to indie to rock to club to Beyoncé’s Formation and back again if my sadness insists. My music taste has expanded and I can pretty much listen to anything these days – especially the kind that makes the older generation cringe and think WTF. I am proud; I have come a long way. Dear ABBA, Thank You For The Music. By ABBA I am referring to: 


Bob Marley

Bryan Adams


Well, this is awkward. 

4. Writing an article for my community’s newspaper. I have only written two, but what a debatable ride – literally. Few will get this. Very few. 

5. THIS BLOG. It gives me so much energy. It makes me feel like somebody in a ‘nobody’ world. Thank you Jesus for giving me not only the gift of writing, but also the appreciation thereof. 

Thanks for reading.


Day 7 – My Dream Job #30DayBlogChallenge 

I have been delaying this post. I know it’s a ’30 Day Challenge’ but geez I never have data to post anyway, so I am taking it at my own pace. Making it my own challenge! I don’t have to conform to any rules. This is my blog. 

My dream job…

 I have a lot to say about it, believe me. I just don’t know how to start. 

My dream job is to be a:

I wanna be one with all my heart; all my mind and all my might. I am extremely passionate about this field. I learnt in the beginning of this year that if you have no clue what you want to be one day… just keep in mind that just a thought of your dream ‘career’ will give you energy – and will make you extremely curious about it! 

Which is what journalism does to me. 

In specific: 

1. I wanna first launch off my career in print media. I want to write for newspapers. Nothing big. 

2. Then, I want to write for magazines. Hala Cosmo! 

3. And in the meanwhile, either report news on radio or become a radio dj as part time. It’s been the dream since forever, baby. And then as time goes by, make that permanent. 

The dream is to be one of the most successful and well-known radio dj’s in South Africa. I wanna walk into a club and have both men and women stare at me, either wishing they were me; or were my bestfriend… orrr you know… want me. I want people to know who I am, I won’t lie. But not just for nothing, like Kim Kardashian. I want to make a difference in a community, and that’s what I want to be remembered for. Maybe it’s JUST my personality type or my emotional star/zodiac sign… either way, it doesn’t matter. I want it all. And I am going to work for it and make you bitches proud. 

I am talking to my voices, sit down… be humble.

 4. To top it all off, I would LOVE to report for Carte Blanche. The news tends to always be morbid. Which can be draining. But if you want to be a stylish person and a journalist, (the last option is my excuse,) you have to suck it up and know what’s up. 

Well, there ya have it! Thanks for reading. 

Day 6 – The Hardest Thing I have Ever Experienced. #30DayBlogChallenge 

Losing my grandfather to some disease caused by a stroke. He couldn’t move or talk. I was only 5. 

I remember how he used to pick me up after pre-school, he always used to buy me pink sweeties. A few memories knock on my chest every now and then that bring me to tears. Memories that are hard to explain, but knock me right out. 

This post is short… 

And, sadly, so are the memories. 

It’s all there is to offer.

Vague glimpes… of my grandfather. 

Day 5 – Five Miracles That Make Me The Most Happiest Right Now. #30DayBlogChallenge 

I swear if I took on this challenge two and a half months ago, I would say: Job shadowing my community’s newspaper/writing articles for them, etc. It was so damn exciting to formulate my own interview questions and to interview someone. Even though I am a full on introvert, approaching a group to interview someone gave me energy. Because the interview could last as little as 4 minutes – up until 15 minutes if I have a lot of questions. And working on that article? THE DREAM, BABY.

But I haven’t written for them in a while. Before my holiday in July, I would still go to the office and do research or blissfully do nothing while enjoying the coffee scent and admiring the open office full of journalits. First of all, I really like open offices. I like the chaos; the noise. I like the sound of journalist’s typing. It feels like a place I want to call my home. I don’t know why, but I love it. And… Journalists make me excited! So I just need to become one asap, so I can permanently be excited.
My boyfriend is technically all of the five miraculous aspects that make me the happiest. But that’s not fair to you as a reader. 

So, here is my list of things that presently make me happiest

1. This thing called a blog. This blog (other than music; reading; coffee and my boyfriend,) is my life. I can write whatever I wanna; whenever and however. The freedom is amazing! But the main reason is because I really love writing and people can actually read it. Which is what I want.

2. My braces. In a way they are annoying. But I can’t wait for the end result. January 2019 baby!

3.  My fun, weird personality. I wouldn’t change a thing. I think I am kinda cool and funny and if you don’t agree… you probably smell funny and have a shitty music taste. 

4. The fact that I currently live in a better town. My hometown sucks. In this town… there is life. In my hometown there is isolation. Or so it felt. 

5. My boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend, ryan reynolds, my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend. 

He wanted a long paragraph, well there you go. 🙂


He is one of the main reasons why I am the happiest I have ever been since childhood. He has taught me so much. He makes me laugh. He makes me feel comfortable. I can tell him weird jokes, and he still loves me the same. Thanks to him, I’m starting to sort of speak my mind. Through him, I learnt to seriously not give a fork about what other people are saying and thinking. I have learned so much more. I love spending time with him. He is confident and doesn’t give a crap about what anyone says. He knows how to handle me… I am pretty difficult and get moody drastically for no reason whatsoever. His anime taste is pretty darn cool. I never used to watch anime. So it’s a start for me. His personality is great, he reads and he is hot. Need I say more?

Day 4 – My Relationship With My Parents… And Siblings. Because Why Not? #30DayBlogChallenge 

Currently I live in a different town. Last year I finished high school. 

Wait what

However: no matter what happens or where I am… the relationship between me, my mom and step dad has always been and will always be strong as Borstal. 
My mother: We are the complete opposite of Anna and her mom from ‘Dis Ek, Anna‘ . Yes, there are days where we fight. But our fights don’t last forever. They will last, like, 20 minutes and then we won’t talk… but it only lasts for half a day. We both tend to take turns and give in. It feels like my mother is the only family I got. But that’s not true. It just feels like it. I have always admired my mom so much, even on days where she was her lowest – I still thought she was a queen. I love my mom so much. She is goofy; she knows just how much meat I want in my dish – that’s right, ZERO, unless it’s her crumbed stake. She is the only family member who is proud of me no matter what. I could be a ghost haunting her, and she’d still be proud of me. She is my fortress. And anyone who messes with my mom will surely die. That’s right, not today satan. MY MOM IS LIFE. She is a strong woman and she is always right. 


My mom

My real dad? When I was small, I was blinded. I thought we were pretty close, and that he liked me. Until I grew up… and realised I only saw him twice a year. I realised that he never really called, I was lucky if I got one phone call in 365 days. Like woooosh daadd, thank you for loving and caring for me so muuuch. I am really drowning in your phone calls! I noticed he hadn’t paid a cent to my mom since they got divorced when I was only a year old. Geez great stuff, thanks for being a sucky dad. 

But just ’cause my biological dad screwed up, doesn’t mean I have no one to call a dad. 

I have a step dad, who I consider as my real dad. I get so angry when people ask if he’s my step dad, like shut up Suzy he’s my real dad! Not biological… but a real dad. It feels weird calling him ‘dad’ or ‘daddy’ because I have a nickname for him ever since I was in between a baby and toddler:  Liefie. I call him that. Because he is so dear to me, he used to call me lovey and that’s how the nick name stuck. Ever since, when I was around, his entire family spoke about him as liefie too. He has been in my life since I was 2. That’s 18 years now. Phew! He raised me up like his own. He taught me how to swim; how to ride bicycle. He has bragged about me. He has yelled at me. But I am so grateful for it. He rocks. Even though at times he can be difficult. He is really the best dad. And I love him. And I am thankful he is still in my life and that he blessed me with a brother 15 years ago. 

5 years ago, my step dad with some weird girl who claims to be me

I know this challenge is about parents, but I have two siblings I love dearly. I am the oldest. 

After my brother, born on 23 March in 2002, I genuinely thought that’s all I’d ever get.

My bro and I, 7/8 years ago
My brother, Sheldon, last year
Brother and step dad, 2016.

And then, 7 years ago, she came along…

My sister, born on 26 February 2010

Day 3 – 10 Things I would Tell My 16 Year Old Self If I Could #30DayBlogChallenge 

1. A social life will not kill you. It will help boost your confidence level. 

2. Start expanding your comfort zone. Because it is tinier than your bladder. 

3. Start exercising. You will feel good about yourself – and look good. Goodbye self esteem issues. 

4. Ask someone to coach you netball or hockey. For all you know… 

5. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

6. You are not a piece of shit. 

7. Laugh more. 

8. Forget about the ‘populars’ . They won’t matter to you after school… at all. 

9. Maybe start a YouTube channel 😂 – you talk to yourself anyway and you’re a freaken weirdo. 

10. Practice pool – because you suck and you’re too embarrassed to accept a challenge to play against someone. You loser. Jokes. Read number 6 again.